Rush University Medical Center Parking Garage

The problem:

Since 2005, Bulley & Andrews has performed structural restoration for several projects within the multi-level parking garage structure at Rush University Medical Center in downtown Chicago. The parking garage exhibited failing post-tension cables as well as various structural issues.

The BACR solution:

Bulley & Andrews replaced the failed cables and performed full and partial depth concrete repairs. Bulley & Andrews also provided replacement of expansion joints, sealant replacement, structural steel restoration, as well as installation of a traffic bearing waterproofing membrane. Most recently, Bulley & Andrews provided services for post-tension construction for parking ramps and conventional reinforcement at helical speed ramps. Bulley & Andrews provided repairs to slabs, columns and beams including replacement of failed/deteriorated slab tendons, beam modifications using an external post-tension system, expansion joint replacement and topside/underside slab patching using cast-in-place concrete and gunite.


Rush University Medical Center

Architect / Engineer

Desman Associates


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Chicago, IL


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