700-720 Butterfield Centre West Parking Garage

The problem:

The single story post-tensioned parking structure was constructed in 1989. The original traffic bearing waterproofing system had deteriorated to the point where repairs to the existing system could not be recommended. The existing expansion joint system was defective and the moisture infiltration was evident throughout the structure. Upon further inspection of the structure, the existing post-tension tendons showed signs of deterioration and failure that warranted immediate action.

The BACR solution:

An investigative repair team was formed to conduct inspection openings to determine the extent of the suspected deterioration of the post-tensioned tendons. Based on the data complied from the inspection openings, a full inspection and repair program was developed and implemented. Once all of the structural concerns of the twenty-two year old parking structure were addressed, the full removal and installation of a new state-of-the-art traffic bearing waterproofing and expansion joints systems were installed.


NAI Hiffman Asset Management

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Lombard, IL


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