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440 South LaSalle Street, LLC: Plaza Restoration

At the foot of the 40-story, 425 South Financial Place building sits a 5,000 sq. ft. outdoor plaza that succumbed to the foot traffic of Chicago’s famed business district. Leveraging the expertise of Bulley & Andrews Concrete Restoration (BACR), the team renovated the plaza while the building’s main entrance remained open.

The project’s scope of work included replacing the plaza’s pavers, converting existing planters to wood decks with lounge seating and modifying the existing fountain.

BACR also created a new drop off lane to provide safe passage to building patrons and to improve overall access to the building.  The project’s last task involved installing poles for string lighting, which illuminates the plaza’s new pavers and creates a welcoming environment set in front of Chicago’s stunning skyline.


440 South LaSalle Street, LLC

Project Size

5,000 sq. ft

Architect / Engineer

Wolff Architects Inc.


Concrete Restoration Contractor


Chicago, IL